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Are you looking for help with your back pain? Are you looking for a natural and effective approach, without the need for drugs and surgery? Do you know where to begin?

Before you have any treatment, the first thing to determine is, why you have back pain, by identifying what is causing your back pain to begin with. Only then can you begin to pursue any solutions.

Why do you have back pain? Consider it may not be from one incident, rather an accumulation of sources over time. The three causes of any pain or distress are physical, chemical and emotional.

There are two categories of physical causes. These include the big incidents, like major accidents and traumas- sport and work injuries, car accidents and other memorable events. The second physical source includes the small physical stresses on your body, often repeated over time, like poor sitting posture, twisted sleeping position, how balanced you carry out your work duties. Did you know sitting puts the most pressure and stress on your lower back, more so when you lean forward? These don’t seem like much, however, they accumulate over time, and can become major issues over their extended lives.

Chemical stresses develop from exposure to toxic chemicals, drugs and bad food. When your brain registers a foreign toxic chemical in your body, it may cause you to adapt, to this stress response, in a way that creates back pain.

The third cause of back pain is emotional stress. Remember how you felt the last time you got upset? We have observed a relationship between peoples’ moods and state of mind, with the onset of back pain. Men seem to develop back pain with concerns over stability, most commonly financial issues. Women seem to develop back pain when concerned about relationships.

By recognizing and identifying the cause of your back pain, you can then consider possible solutions. What are the possibilities? This depends on whether you are just concerned with treating the end result of your health issues being the back pain, or more concerned to address it wholistically, closer to its cause. Amongst your many options, there are two categories. Do you want to have you pain “treated” as an unrelated entity to the rest of your body? This can be done with a drug or procedure to go to the site of pain and try to fix it there and then. Your other option is a more wholistic natural, measurable and sustainable approach?

You can have the back pain “treated” by needles, drugs, hot or cold packs, rubbing it, stretching it, as well as many forms of hands on therapies. These are primarily aimed at the area of pain, considering this to be where the problems starts and ends. What if the back pain is only the end result of a series of other issues? It could be coming from your organs, like kidneys, or referred pain from another body area. It could be referred from other body parts. It could be your back pain is the result of your lifestyle the needs to be modified.

Do you know what is scarier than back pain? What if you have a back problem and DON’T feel it? Without being able to feel it, the condition can worsen, so by the time you do feel it, you are in the more advanced stages of the condition. What if your back pain was a way your body used to communicate that you need to make some changes in you r life?.

We use a contemporary uniquely natural, measurable and sustainable approach to back pain. Our system does not “treat” the back pain. Here the person is looked at as a whole, considering many lifestyle factors. After using our comprehensive assessment procedures, our approach is not to treat anything, rather to help the body to better become aware of itself, and adapt in a more healthy manner. Here the pain is considered in context of your whole life. Using a wholistic approach like this, can lead to more sustainable changes.

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